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Snowdrops at Painswick Rococo Gardens, Gloucestershire

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Just back from a photo shoot at the Rococo Gardens in Gloucestershire on a beautiful sunny morning. A great surprise to wake up and see snow on the ground. Snow scenes are one of my favourites to photograph.

Galanthus - Snowdrops; Painswick Rococco Gardens, Gloucestershire

Snow on the ground Painswick Rococo Gardens, Gloucestershire

 After last years snow it looks very light, but I still got one of my favourite sounds, the crunch of snow under the feet.

Painswick Rococo Gardens has one of the best and largest collection of snowdrops in the UK. I find this garden truly magical as it has something to look at all through the seasons, a hidden gem.

James Montgomery said of the snowdrop “The morning star of flowers”

Galanthus - Snowdrops; Painswick Rococco Gardens, Gloucestershire

Snowdrops "the Morning Star of Flowers," J Montgomery

 Looking back on my data from last year the snowdrops are a good two weeks early and for a photographer looking really pristine at the moment, with the white petals having no blemishes!

Galanthus - Snowdrops; Painswick Rococco Gardens, Gloucestershire
Snowdrops and snow
The snowdrop has a beautiful luminescence and most people seem to have an affection for it. Wordsworth wrote of the snowdrop;
“Nor will I then thy modest grace forget,
Chaste Snow-drop, venturous harbinger of Spring,
And pensive monitor of fleeting years!”
Galanthus - Snowdrops; Painswick Rococco Gardens, Gloucestershire

Snowdrops, spring is approaching

The gardens are a great place to photograph snowdrops. Tip; I think they look great photographed with the sun behind them as it really shows off their delicate white flower heads, shape and form. I really like it when they have water droplets on their flower heads too. Be careful not to underexpose the shot and look out for lens flare!
When photographing snow scenes or ones that have lots of white in, be attentive to your meter readings and check your histogram for perfect exposure, its very easy to underexpose a predominately white scene. This is because your cameras meter mostly averages for 18% grey.  So check the histogram and look out for those blinkers too!
The fallen leaves backlit here add extra colour to this shot.
Galanthus - Snowdrops; Painswick Rococco Gardens, Gloucestershire
Snowdrops backlit
My advice as a photographer would be to see them now as they are at their most fresh and vibrant, feel the fresh crisp air in your lungs too!
I am leading Garden and Flower Photography workshops  at Painswick Rococo Gardens through the seasons. Please see my website for further details (there is a discount for RHS members)

Author: Stephen Studd Photography

Stephen graduated from LCP in London in 1987 with a 2:1 BA Honours degree in photography. Since then he has travelled the world as a professional freelance travel & garden photographer. His photography has been published in many areas around the globe; from front cover of National Geographic magazine, to countless travel books, brochures and print media. His work has also been used in many advertising campaigns, with clients such as Fiat, Citigroup, Caribou Coffee, Expedia, BBC and countless others and his photography has picked up numerous international awards.. Stephen leads travel photography holidays and tours to Cambodia, Angkor Wat, Vietnam & the USA. He also leads flower photography workshops and landscape photography workshops in the UK. Stephen can be contacted for commissions via his photography website.

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