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Angkor Wat Cambodia aerial shot from helicopter

After recently spending some more time in Siem Reap, which is home to the hundreds of temples that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Angkor Wat complex, I was on the lookout for more of those hidden corners.

Asia, Cambodia, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, seated moss covered Buddha and leaf

After visiting the temples on and off for the last 14 years one thing I have learnt is that all those hidden corners would take a lifetime to discover.

I am fascinated by the power of nature over humankind of which Angkor Wat displays this perfectly, whether it be the iconic roots of trees slowly ripping apart the temples

Trees Angkor Wat

Roots of tree in back of temple

Asia, Cambodia, Siem Reap, Angkor wat, Ta Prohm temple.

Or the Earth devouring fallen down temples returning them back to where they once came.

Angkor Wat fallen temple

Angkor Wat never fails to surprise as you wander around feeling like a true Indiana Jones.

Stephen Studd Photography Angkor Wat Cambodia

There is always a smile caught in time watching over you.

Bayon face Angkor Wat

Siem reap and its surrounds are also ripe pickings for the travel photographer.

Woman carrying baskets in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Man asleep in tuk tuk

5 people riding on a Honda 125 in cambodia, Siem Reap

Money launderer?

Cambodia Siem Reap money laundering

Near to Angkor Wat lies the largest lake in South East Asia, Tonle Sap home to floating villages.

floating villages Tonle Sap lake Cambodia

Brightly coloured floating houses

Ton le Sap lake Cambodia Siem Reap

In the past I have supported land mine clearance charities from sales of prints and cards at exhibitions of my Angkor Wat photography, as Cambodia was at one time one of the most landmined countries on Earth.

After befriending a resident of the floating villages on my latest trip, I will be donating rice to the floating school on Tonle Sap lake when we visit with my travel photography holiday guests, as there are many orphans there whose parents were killed by bad storms on the lake.

Ton le Sap lake market Cambodia Siem Reap

Cambodia is a place that truly touches the heart and the myriad temples of Angkor Wat never fail to leave you in wonder and awe at their sheer beauty.

Join me for a travel photography adventure to Cambodia; Angkor Wat, and its surrounds in November 2013 or November 2014


Author: Stephen Studd Photography

Stephen graduated from LCP in London in 1987 with a 2:1 BA Honours degree in photography. Since then he has travelled the world as a professional freelance travel & garden photographer. His photography has been published in many areas around the globe; from front cover of National Geographic magazine, to countless travel books, brochures and print media. His work has also been used in many advertising campaigns, with clients such as Fiat, Citigroup, Caribou Coffee, Expedia, BBC and countless others and his photography has picked up numerous international awards.. Stephen leads travel photography holidays and tours to Burma, Cambodia, Angkor Wat, Vietnam & the USA. He also leads Bluebell photography workshops in Gloucestershire and landscape photography workshops in the Gower, Wales. Stephen can be contacted for commissions via his photography website.

2 thoughts on “Cambodia, Angkor Wat, Photography Hotspot

  1. Hoping to visit Angkor Wat later this year and now even more excited after seeing your shots. Will be searching for all of those ‘hidden corners’ 🙂

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