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Photo Tip Friday; Monitor calibration

After accidentally breaking my monitor calibrator what better time to stress the importance of having a monitor calibrated.

Have you ever been into a tv or computer showroom and seen a vast aray of screens and noticed they all look different? The reason is they haven`t been calibrated. If you work on a screen that isn`t calibrated then your images will look totally different on someones screen that is calibrated. Also when printing your photographs they will come out looking different to your screen.

Calibrating your monitor sets it to a standard so that an image on my calibrated screen will look the same as on other calibrated screens. This is vitally important in your digital workflow. It is very important when testing your monitor that it is turned on for about half an hour to let it warm up.

With my Eizo monitor an annoying but useful reminder pop up warns when so many hours have passed since the last calibration.

Now I have an updated calibrator after breaking the old one and after completing the test there was only a very miniscule change since the last one.