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Amazing Myanmar (Burma) photography tour

Myanmar Burma Lake Inle sunrise leg rower rowing fisherman

Over the last 4 weeks I have been blogging about my photo shoot around Myanmar (Burma) for Manfrotto tripods. The final blog, week 4, takes us to the mesmerising Inle Lake in the Shan state

Join me next week, back home at WordPress, for behind the photos, a deeper look into some of the photographs shot in this amazing country, I hope you can join me.

I still have a few spaces left on the photography holiday to Burma;

I look forward to welcoming you on one of my Digital Photography Holidays.

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Travelling light in Myanmar (Burma) – On the road again

At present I am in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) on a 28 day photoshoot and fact finding mission for the photography holidays I will be hosting later in the year. After arriving here from Angkor Wat in Cambodia, there are certainly some striking similarities.

Old colonial building in Yangon, Myanmar, (Burma), still in use

Old colonial building in Yangon, Myanmar, (Burma), still in use

This old colonial building in Yangon is still in use. Nature really does want to spring into life everywhere it can if it is given the chance, these trees have certainly taken hold to the building.

It is always good to be on the road travelling and Myanmar is an amazing place to be, despite the 40C heat (in April). In these kind of conditions it pays to travel light, if only!

Travelling light?

camera kit photography kit in Myanmar (Burma) on photoshoot

My trusty Karimoor back pack that has travelled the world with me for over 20 years and still going strong has a clothes allowance of 5 T Shirts, 1 shirt, 2  pairs of trousers, 2 pairs of shorts, 5 pairs boxers (better in the heat), 2 pairs of socks (not needed in the heat), 1 jacket (incase it gets cold!), all packed into a small compression bag so it doesn`t take up too much room. Footwear; 1 pair of flip flops and 1 pair of shoes for when I get home to the cold! The shoes are always a pain to find a place for.

There was a  miscalculation on the T Shirts, need 2 or 3 a day in the heat of April in Yangon, evening spent washing them in the sink, dry time less than half an hour. Now I truly know the meaning of `It ain`t half hot Mum`


UPDATE 2014My travel photography tour to Burma is now live with dates in 2014 & 2015, for further details please click here: (these are held in cooler times of the year for the tropics).


As I am on the move again tomorrow, thought I would post the equipment list as I am ticking off the tick-list to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Equipment list comprises of;

2 x Lowepro camera bags including 1 which has a pouch for my computer and is on board baggage allowance size and has wheels.

1 x Manfrotto tripod and Manfrotto head (would be lost without it, my oldest piece of equipment been with me since my old Mamiya RZ days) Plus Mamiya riser for long lenses and spare camera mounts.

Canon 1Ds Mark II, a dear old friend.

Canon lenses, 17-40mm; 100mm macro; 24-70mm; 70-200mm; 100-400mm and Tilt and Shift lens and lens hoods for each.

Mirror lock release (plus spare as v important piece of kit.

2 spare Canon batteries and charger.

Various Lexar CF Cards and Lexar pro card reader.

Sandisk memory sticks for essential back up and DVD`s to be on the safe side.

Various Lee filters and mounts, including ND grads (hard & soft), ND`s, polariser and Big Stopper.

Toshiba computer (fits in my Lowepro camera bag pouch for flying.)

The essentials; Multi socket extension plug, plug adaptors, phone, plugs, more plugs and cables, screwdrivers, Swiss army knife, torch, hotshoe spirit level – got to keep those spirits level, elastic bands, safety pins (for a bit of punk rock nostalgia amongst loads of practical uses), yet more plugs and cables, pens, pocket book for writing info about locations and my very oldest piece of kit the trusty compass, oh yeah and a guide book.

Finally the most important thing as a photographer which is the lightest bit of kit; bags and bags of patience.

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Top travel destinations in Asia 2014 – Burma (Myanmar) & Siem Reap, Cambodia, Angkor Wat

The 1st of February, wow, January just flew by here, probably because I had lots to catch up on after being out of the country for 9 weeks. Thanks to Twitter I quickly caught up with any new developments in travel

At the start of the year there are an array of travel awards which I watch with interest, Burma keeps coming up in them. The latest news I received through Twitter were the Wanderlust Travel Awards for and top country to visit is Myanmar, with Bagan number 5 for top city.

Myanmar, Bagan,  temple at dawn, silhouette

Myanmar, Bagan, temple at dawn, silhouette

Burma Myanmar U Bein Bridge Lake water people on boat

Boat on Lake

Myanmar, Yangon, Schwedagon Pagoda, dusk

Myanmar, Yangon, Schwedagon Pagoda, dusk


Inle lake, Myanmar (Burma) fisherman with girl on boat

Inle lake, Myanmar (Burma) fisherman with girl on boat

Trip Advisor gives Siem Reap in Cambodia the gateway to the Angkor Wat temple complex number 9 top city in the world and Wanderlust magazine Number 10.          (Top destination Asian city for Trip Advisor is Siem Reap.)

Tree Angkor Wat temple complex

Tree Angkor Wat temple complex

Angkor Wat Cambodia Ta Prohm Temple Digital photography holidays holiday vacations tour tours workshop workshops to Myanmar Burma Cambodia Angkor Wat Venice marrakech Paris Morocco Prague hosted by Stephen Studd

This town has grown over the years since my first visit in 1999 from a dusty wild west place to a town that now has amazing restaurants, bars, hotels, markets, shops and galleries.

Angkor Wat Cambodia Ta Prohm Temple Digital photography holidays holiday vacations tour tours workshop workshops to Myanmar Burma Cambodia Angkor Wat Venice marrakech Paris Morocco Prague hosted by Stephen Studd

It still caters to all budgets and cuisines but it can be a little sleepy in places.

Man asleep in tuk tuk

Myanmar and Cambodia all feature in Conde Nast Traveller best places to go for winter sun.

Join me for a travel photography holiday to Burma or Cambodia: Angkor Wat & Cambodian Life, I look forward to meeting you on one of them.

2014: Long weekend photography holidays to Marrakech, Venice, Paris & Prague

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My photography website is

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Photography Holidays 2015 to Angkor Wat; Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma) and NEW Vietnam

In 2015 I am hosting photography holidays to some of my favourite locations. Angkor Wat is a photographers dream with a wealth of images to be taken. The holidays feature in this months Outdoor Photographer magazine – Holidays & Courses guide. There are still some places available for the holidays.

I will also be hosting a photography holiday to Burma (Myanmar) in November 2015

Brand new for 2016: Vietnam photography tour from south to north:

Digital photography holidays holiday tour tours workshop workshops to Myanmar Burma Cambodia Angkor Wat Bangkok Thailand hosted by Stephen Studd

Digital Photography Holidays can also be found on;



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Photo Tip Friday; Equipment list

After leaving behind an important lead once on a foreign travel shoot, I now have an equipment check list. Nowadays there are so many electrical leads and cables to remember, plus all the other photography equipment, memory cards etc, you have to be sure all the equipment is going away with you. Making a tick list ensures everything is packed.

Angkor Wat Cambodia smiley face

Photo Tip Friday is taking a break and flying south until the new year. Next stop Cambodia where I will be making final arrangements for my Digital Photography Holidays to Angkor Wat in 2013. Really looking forward to getting back to Cambodia, the smiles, the people, the food and of course the amazing temples. So much still to explore and see as the temples are spread over 400 square kilometres. I will be adding a few posts while away to keep you up to date. Until then;  chum ree-up lee-ah

Details of the travel photography holidays to Angkor Wat and also Bangkok can be found at Also in late 2013 I will be hosting one to Myanmar, you can register your interest on the website too.

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Travel Photography Holiday to Myanmar (Burma) in 2013

I am getting very excited about the latest addition to Digital Photography Holidays.

In 2013 I will be running a digital photography holiday to Myanmar. I first visited in March 2004 to shoot a front cover image for the German edition of National Geographic.National Geographic front cover from Myanmar (Burma) shot by Stephen Studd photography

This was shot at Schwedagon Paya in Yangon, perhaps the most moving temple I have ever visited. Also on this trip I was fortunate to have photographed at Bagan, which is a truly breathtaking place with over 2,000 temples.

Myanmar Bagan dawn

UPDATE: 2014, the Burma photography tour now has full itinerary, dates and cost on the website: