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Photo Tip Friday; Back up your photographs

Backing up your valuable photographs is a really important task that so often gets forgotten until it is too late. Incorporate this into your digital workflow.

Being extra cautious/paranoid with my extensive library of images I have 3 external hard drives with a back up of all my images on each. For  extra safety when leaving the house one of the hard drives goes with me.

There are lots of solutions as to where to back up your images, choose the one that`s best for you and remember to back up regularly.

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Photo Tip Friday; How do you keep those horizons horizontal?

In my camera bag I have a spirit level that fits onto the hotshoe of my camera. When the camera is on the tripod you get spot on level horizons. This one has been round the world with me. Camera spirit level

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Photo Tip Friday; keep an eye on frame counter & battery

After a Friday off last week back again with Photo Tip Friday.

If you are planning on photographing a sequence or you anticipate that light will be changing really fast, keep an eye on your camera frame count & battery monitor. If the memory card only has a few frames left, replace it. Same with the battery if it`s getting low change it.
It`s at these times when you will be working fast that you really don`t want to waste time changing memory cards or batteries and kicking yourself later for the shots that got away.

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Photo Tip Friday; The cheapest bit of kit in my camera bag?

After last weeks compass tip I was asked if that was the cheapest bit of kit in my camera bag? The answer to that is no as the cheapest thing in my camera bag is a rubber band!

I carry this as sometimes when unscrewing a round filter or an adaptor ring for Lee filters they become stuck on the lens and can be a pain to remove, particularly when you want to be quick when light is changing fast and your fingers are cold. When this does happen the rubber band gives a good grip making it easy to remove the filter or adaptor ring.

At a cost of under a penny you can even splash out and carry a spare, but hopefully not have to use it too often! You could also follow your postman as he usually leaves a trail of them saving you money!

Rubber bands

Whats the cheapest accessory in your camera bag?

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Photo Tip Friday, invest in a compass

One of the most essential accessories in my kit bag is a compass. It has travelled the world with me to some amazing locations over the years.

I use it when scouting locations to see where sunrise and sunset will be and is particularly useful when skies are dull and overcast. With the use of the compass you will then know if a location is good for sunrise or sunset light.

For the UK a sun compass can be used which tells you where the suns position will be throughout the year, great for location finding and advanced planning.

If you have a smartphone there are apps for this too, though I still stick to my trusty battery free simple compass which I`ve had for 20+ years.

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Photo Tip Friday; Lens Care

The world is seen through a lens in photography therefore it pays to see the world clearly. Have you ever thought the views from your windows are clear, then cleaned the windows and seen much clearer brighter light. The same is true for your camera lens, a clear clean lens lets the light in clearer without defracting through dust and smudges.

Lots of dust on a lens can create flare spots when shooting into  the sun.

To get rid of dust on a lens a simple blower brush does the job quite well. For smudges etc a good quality lens cleaning cloth is recommended. If using lens cleaning fluid make sure it is a good make and apply the fluid sparingly onto the lens cleaning cloth first, not directly onto the lens, working from the centre of the lens to the outside in a circular motion.

Maintaining a clear lens makes it easier to clean and will give you clearer crisper shots.

Join us next Friday for a regular Photo Tip Friday. Digital Photography Holidays run photo holidays to Cambodia and Bangkok;

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Photo Tip Friday; Take reference shots

When out on a long days shoot it is easy to forget exactly what has been shot that day.

With digital photography there is a very simple solution. Get into the habit of shooting the first shot of a series of a label or a sign that tells you exactly what you are shooting. For example this shot below was my first shot.

Clematis Omoshiro label

Clematis Omoshiro label

Subsequent shots I then knew were of a Clematis Omoshiro.

Clematis Omoshiro

Clematis Omoshiro

This tip works with any type of sign, label, information point etc. It works well with travel photography too.  Remember take the first shot of the sign, the rest of the subject.

When you come to a new subject just take the first photograph of the sign or label the rest of the photographs of the subject. This technique makes it much easier to caption your images when editing.