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Happy Festive Season

Wishing everyone a very happy festive season and an amazing new year.

Garlic chive seedhead winter

2013 has been an extremely busy year of photography for me and it was also great to pick up a few awards along the way for my travel and garden photography.

Hard to believe today is winter solstice for us in the northern hemisphere and summer solstice for those in the southern hemisphere as the year seems to have flown by.

I would like to thank everyone for visiting my blog and to all those that I have had the pleasure of working with this past year, also to everyone who came on one of my photography holidays, workshops or 1:1  sessions in 2013.

My Digital Photography Holidays business is progressing as I wished and I am rolling out new photography city breaks and UK workshops in 2014.

Have a fantastic new year and “may the light be with you”.

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My great friend Chenti – tuk tuk driver for the Angkor Wat temples

I have just spent 3 weeks with my tuk tuk driver Chenti in Siem Reap, Cambodia who is such a great friend. I have set up a site for him to try and get more work for him. He is my lead tuk tuk driver for my Digital Photography Holidays and a close personal friend. He is extremely reliable, courteous and totally trustworthy.

Chenti Sia tuk tuk driver Siem Reap Cambodia

Chenti Sia tuk tuk driver Siem Reap Cambodia

Chenti has such a great knowledge and passion for  his country and I personally recommend him. He was 3 when the Khmer Rouge took over and lost his parents and 4 of his brothers and sisters but has an amazing forgiving heart, though this part of his life will remain hidden until your trust is gained.

Please take a look at his site that I have made for him and share it wherever you can.

His telephone number in Cambodia is +855979126232

Chenti Sia tuk tuk driver Siem Reap Cambodia

Chenti Sia tuk tuk driver Siem Reap Cambodia

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New for 2014: Travel Photography City Break holidays to Paris, Prague, Venice & Marrakech

I have just added new travel photography city break destinations for 2014 on my Digital Photography Holidays website.

Digital Travel photography holidays holiday vacations vacation tours workshops workshop tour City Breaks to Paris, Prague, Rome, Venice  Marrakech Burma Myanmar Angkor Wat Cambodia Bangkok Thailand hosted by Stephen Studd

Travel Photography Holidays

The photography city breaks will take us to fantastic iconic photographic locations and the time away will be packed full of photography. The photography city breaks are aimed at all levels of photographer as I tailor the photo shoots to your individual needs.

All the hotels I have hand picked to be in the centre so you won`t have to waste time travelling long distances as there are great photo opportunities as soon as we leave the hotel door. As with all my photography holidays there is no single person supplement and non-photography partners are welcome. The holidays, dates and itineraries can be found at

Subscribers to my newsletter are always the first to hear about new photography holidays and they also receive voucher codes for special offers. (In January 2014 I will be announcing brand new UK photography retreats, workshops and courses)

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I look forward to welcoming you on one of my Digital Photography Holidays “may the light be with you”



I was recently asked to guest co-host a chat on Twitter and to suggest a theme.. Each Monday at 3pm EST- 8pm UK time #travelpics is a hashtag used to chat and share travel photographs. It was founded by Kathryn a travel photo journalist with the Twitter name of @AntiTourist and also @travelpicsCHAT The community is building with a diverse range of people who all share the same passion for travel and photography.

I decided on the theme for my co-hosting to be “Waterscapes” as we live on a planet where 71% of the Earth`s surface is covered with salt water from the oceans and all the water on Earth is made up of 97.5% sea water with the remaining 2.5% being freshwater lakes, rivers and water locked up in ice as glaciers and the polar ice caps (almost 69% of the freshwater on Earth is ice).

Earth from space; image courtesy of NASA

Earth from space; image courtesy of NASA

I chose the theme waterscapes as water is one of my favourite subjects to photograph as it comes in so many different forms.

Champagne pool New Zealand

Champagne pool New Zealand

Hot water new zealand

Switzerland the Matterhorn covered in snow

Switzerland the Matterhorn covered in snow

Water makes for great reflection shots on still days.

Chateau de Chenonceau France

Chateau de Chenonceau France

Germany, Fussen, Alps reflected in Lake Forggensee, dawn

Germany, Fussen, Alps reflected in Lake Forggensee, dawn

Water photographed with slow exposures adds a magical feel.

Wales, Powys, Brecon Beacons, Waterfall

Wales, Powys, Brecon Beacons, Waterfall

I was once commissioned to take aerial photographs of an island in the Maldives, which entailed me hanging out of the open door sat on the rail attached by a rope. Well worth the adrenalin rush to see the islands from the air.

Maldives aerial shot

Maldives aerial shot

Maldives aerial shot

Earlier this year I spent a month photographing in Myanmar (Burma) where the iconic U Bein Bridge spans 1.2 km across Taungthaman Lake.

Myanmar (Burma) Mandalay sunrise U Bein Bridge

Myanmar (Burma) Mandalay sunrise U Bein Bridge

The lake itself had fantastic photo opportunities with this shot of the boat crossing the lake before sunrise being one of my favourites.

Burma Myanmar U Bein Bridge Lake water people on boat

Boat on Lake Taungthaman

Inle Lake is the second largest lake in Myanmar and has an estimated surface area of 45 square miles (116km squared). I fell in love with this place as it had a cooler climate than the other places I had photographed and was also a photographers dream as it was so unique with the leg rowing fisherman of the lake.

Inle lake, Myanmar (Burma) fisherman with girl on boat

Inle lake, Myanmar (Burma) fisherman with girl on boat

Burma Myanmar Lake Inle Fisherman Sunrise

Burma, (Myanmar) Lake Inle fisherman sunrise

This one of my favourite shots from the trip.

Burma (Myanmar) lake inle fisherman

Burma (Myanmar) Lake Inle fisherman

I am looking forward to taking my photographer guests on the lake in November when I host my Digital Photography Holidays

The subject of waterscapes proved a very popular Twitter topic as it had a record number of #travelpics tweets and trended for  a number of hours which is no surprise as we live on such a watery planet and over 50% of our body is made up of water.

The chat was great fun and there was some fantastic photography shared. Thanks to @AntiTourist for inviting me and to co-hosts  @wheretogoAM, @AVacationADay, @poonamparihar, and @Sihpromatum.

I can be found on Twitter at and my website is

I host travel photography holidays to some of my favourite locations, further details can be found here;

“May the light be with you”

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Manfrotto Pixi Tripod Review

Having only used Manfrotto tripods throughout my 25 year professional photography career, I was pleased when I was asked to review their latest tripod the Pixi.

Manfrotto Pixi tripod review Stephen Studd

It has certainly been named correctly, the Pixi weighs in at just 1.4lbs (650g) and has a height of 7 inches (18cm) when closed making it very portable.

As a professional photographer who uses high end Canon DSLR cameras, I wondered how it could be of use to me. It has been designed for holding compact system cameras (CSC`s), the iPhone® (with KLYP), compact cameras and even entry level DSLR’s using a universal ¼” screw thread. Many times on my travels and my recent photo shoot to Burma I saw people balancing their cameras on walls, bags, hats and countless other rests to get their shot; the Pixi would be perfect for those situations as it is extremely portable.

On a recent round the world travel there were countless times when I could have used the Pixi tripod with my compact camera.

Manfrotto Pixi review Stephen Studd

The tripod is very user friendly. A simple red push button (with the Manfrotto logo)releases the ball joint head to move the camera into position for your shot. When the tripod is closed it can be used as a camera grip for keeping the camera steady for making videos, though I have not tested this, I`ll leave that for the videographers.Manfrotto Pixi review Stephen Studd

Once I had played around with the tripod for a while with my compact camera and seen that it would be a very useful lightweight portable piece of equipment,

Manfrotto Pixi Tripod review stephen studd photography photographer

I was keen to really test it out with my Canon 1Ds Mark II as I started to think of photo opportunities for its use.

As well as being a travel photographer I am also a garden photographer and like to be back in the UK for summer as I have an allotment and enjoy growing my own organic fruit and vegetables. I wondered whether the tripod would hold my heavy camera?

I thought of a shot I would like to take, to try out the tripod, a very low angle view from the ground of my vegetable patch with sweetcorn and beans growing in blazing sunshine and the veg being watered, conveying that feeling of mid summer, warmth, freshness and growth.

Manfrotto Pixi Tripod review stephen studd photography photographer

My first shot using the Pixi tripod (above), with my Canon 1Ds Mark II camera with a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens, got to an area my Manfrotto 055 wouldn`t be able to and the resulting image was razor sharp.

Manfrotto Pixi Tripod review stephen studd photography photographer

My Canon mounted on the Pixi tripod in amongst the veg patch.

The question is, will it now be part of my kit bag?

My photography kit on a recent photoshoot in Burma (Myanmar)

My photography kit on a recent photoshoot in Burma (Myanmar)

As I can see the Pixi tripod being used in lots of different situations with my different cameras, is lightweight, small and very portable the answer is yes, I think I have found a new Pixi friend.

(Note from the manufacturer if using an entry level DSLR with the Pixi;

PIXI has been developed for entry level DSLRs fitting these basic requirements:
• Body: maximum weight of 650g/1.4lbs
• Focal length: maximum 85mm (standard non professional lens)
• Total equipment payload: maximum 1kg/2.2lbs
Please consider that any semi-professional and professional equipment exceeds these requirements.)



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2015 & 2016 Photography Holidays to Burma (Myanmar), Angkor Wat, Cambodia and Vietnam

Digital photography holidays holiday tour tours workshop workshops to Myanmar Burma Cambodia Angkor Wat Bangkok Thailand hosted by Stephen Studd

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I look forward to welcoming you on one of my Digital Photography Holidays.

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Behind the Photo; Bagan Temples Sunrise; Burma (Myanmar)

My travel photography holidays feature in the latest edition of Outdoor Photography magazine. I was asked to supply 2 photographs to be included.Outdoor Photography magazine; Digital travel photography Holidays vacations tours to Myanmar Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Bangkok Asia

I would like to write about the Black and White image as a number of people have commented and asked about it, as it also appeared on the Manfrotto Imagine More article I wrote about Bagan;

Myanmar (Burma) Bagan temples black and white image for Outdoor Photography magazine

Having first visited the temples of Bagan eight years ago, on my recent photo shoot I had envisioned a series of toned black and white images. Bagan has over 4,000 temples of all shapes and sizes dotting the landscape and at dawn there is usually a mist rising around them. The day prior to this shot I had scouted out the vantage point and with my compass, that has travelled the world with me, I knew it would be a good location for sunrise. The next day I arrived in the darkness and set up my camera on its tripod and waited for the scene to appear through the misty dawn light. Bagan has a very ethereal feeling to the place and I wanted to convey this in a series of black and white images. For the series I converted the colour images to B & W in Lightroom and also split toned the image.

Non-photographers can switch off here!

This image was shot at 100 ISO with a Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens (at 250mm); f16 at 1.5sec with a Lee Filters ND .6 soft grad and my trusty Manfrotto tripod.

My photography holidays and tours to Burma can be found at: