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Macro Art – IGPOTY 1st Place

Pleased to hear this morning that the photograph I entered for the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition has won 1st place in the Macro Art category.

Giant Carrot

Giant Carrot – 1st Place IGPOTY Macro Art

This was taken at the Malvern Autumn show where they host the UK National Giant Vegetables Championship, all sorts of vegetables are on display as part of the competition.

People at the show were photographing the whole size of the giant veg, but to me the oversized veg look rather grotesque. This made me think outside the box as a photographer and look at the subjects and interpret them in a different way, as on closer inspection they reveal patterns that are not usually seen on ordinary sized veg. I decided to produce a series of abstract images of the giant veg instead.

When I teach my photography workshops, I always talk about what is the ‘end use’ of the images you take, for these it is a series of fine art framed abstract photographs. For this set I used a Canon EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro lens to focus in close to the vegetables I photographed.

Each giant veg I photographed revealed their own unique abstract patterns as can be seen in the very small selection from the series below. Can you guess what any of them are?




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The judging panel for IGPOTY said: “Stephen’s image has emphatically answered the brief by executing a simple idea extremely well. We get lost in the extraordinary shapes, colours and textures of the carrot, which is anything but the ordinary vegetable we think we are so well accustomed with.”

Congratulations to all the other entries from the competition which can be found here: IGPOTY Macro Art

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International Garden Photographer of the Year; New Mornings

Finalist in the Four Seasons; New Mornings section of International Garden Photographer of the Year for this shot of a Drosera Capensis unfurling.

Drosera Capensis unfurling

This variety of Drosera is tiny so a Canon 180mm macro lens was used to get right up to the unfurling frond. This knocked out the background made up of other carniverous plants. The sticky droplet in the unfurling frond is the reason I photographed this particular Drosera. It is part of a series I have been working on over the past year.